Caribbean Poem: “Caribbean Chimera” by Fig Newton

5 May

Source: All Poetry

Caribbean Chimera


In the highland of Puerto Rico is where this story begins
amongst the Banyan trees and the buzzing insects
There on the Eastern edge near the coastal mountains
is a place where mad scientists experiment and dissect.

Upon a lonelymountain there lays a base called El Yunque
A secret lab that was hidden in the rocks in the 1930’s
when the ideas of science were unlimited and unique
and science fiction was coming to life with ease

With a Doctor Moreau inspired perspective on life
these scientist set to create new ways to control
the laws of nature and these experiments were rife
Using islanders as guinea pigs and they didn’t know

Once they had mastery of the building blocks of life
they began to manipulate what it was they could create
so they began to mix the chains of what they thought ripe
to serve their nefarious  purposes however intricate

So they mixed a little DNA from this and a bit from that
and created a chimera that could infiltrate unknown
into hostile area’s as stealthy as a bat
a weapon to harass the modern rural foe

And the science went well and the beast was created
and it was adept at stressing the food sources of chattel.
Housed and thought secured, the scientist were elated
they had created a bio-weapon for a future battle.

But in 1990 there was a a gathering of dark clouds
and the hurricane hit with such an unexpected assaults
The winds began to rip apart  the perimeter grounds
and found the security system’s weakened results

The violent force of the wicked wind’s rage
Rent open the side of  El Yunque’s walls
Out into the jungle they escaped  from the cage
And during the course of the storm the lab lost them all

These creatures devised from different aspects
Of the worlds best adapted predators
So these experimental creatures slipped into the cracks
Disappearing into the jungle forever

The cold killer instincts of a Komodo Dragon
With the scent finding ability of the Canine nose
And the hearing of a bat so in darkness it can hone
With the defensive spine of a porcupine’s rows

With a reptilian ability to take gracefully to the seas
They expanded from Puerto Rico to the mainland
The rural herds were preyed upon with ease
And began to multiply with expanding abandon

So along the coasts of South America they migrated
And up to the Southwestern United States
Surviving on the livestock they’ve ensanguinated
Putting poor farmers livelihoods at stake

So now thanks to the storm at an irresponsible lab
This red eyed beast has been unleashed
Creeping about and hunting what they can
Leaving bone dry livestock as the sign of their feast.


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