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Ms. St. George has been crowned carnival Queen 2016 – Grenada

5 Aug

2016 Carnival Queen – Ms. St. George
2nd Runner-up 854 Points – Ms. Carriacou
1st Runner-up 933 Points – Ms. St. John
Best Interview – Ms. St. George
Best Talent – Ms. St. George
Best Swim wear – Ms. St. George
Best Costume – Ms. St. George
Best Evening Wear – Ms. St. George
Best Final Question – Ms. St. George

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5 Aug

Source: ECCO Inc.

Written by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne from Saint Lucia


It all but consumed him. Day and night, sweet melodies replayed in his head. Over and over. Everything he saw, touched, felt and heard, evoked within him the need to craft his thoughts and feelings into beautiful lyrical masterpieces.  His fingers twitched to get it all out on paper. His lips buzzed to sing out loud the songs which radiated from his heart. As his need to create sweet music grew—to a point where it seemed to become even more important than the job he then held, and everything else in his life for that matter!—it became undoubtedly clear to Bomani that music was his true calling.

The Saint Vincent & the Grenadines born songwriter, performer and recording artiste describes himself an optimist and an adventurer who loves life and music to no end. He recalls this his love-affair with music began during his secondary school days, songwriting and singing. Upon his graduation he made a concerted effort to become aligned with musicians, composers and other songwriters in his home island.

Bomani describes his music and sound as “an eclectic Afro Caribbean Calypso/Ragga Soca blend with hints of broader music styles” which have influenced him on his journey. Truly his music reflects the essence of what it’s like to be a Caribbean native.

He draws his inspiration from the wonderful world around him—the universe, God, his environment, friends, family, the stranger he unexpectedly runs into, and even his dreams. Through his music he seeks to share a message of love and happiness for and among people.

Among his numerous music experiences to date, the Vincentian artiste says one of his most amazing moments centered around the release of his very first Album, “Deep” and the subsequent international tour. “Deep,” featured several of his earlier hits which led him to perform the world over. He adds his capturing of the St Vincent & the Grenadines 2004 Road March title and the OECS Soca Monarch title in St Lucia in 2005 as highly memorable accomplishments. A number of Bomani’s songs have also been signed to giant Caribbean music label, VP Records.


Bomani 1

He credits his successes to date to his dedication and willingness to work hard, a formidable team and support system and an ability to remain focused on music creation and promotion even in difficult times. And there certainly have been difficult times. As a professional artiste, Bomani notes that one of his biggest challenges in establishing his music career has been a struggle for adequate radio airplay throughout the year in St Vincent. This shortfall, he says, makes it difficult for the general public to become familiar with new material. Related to his challenge is lack of performance platforms for sustainable growth and development.

Yet Bomani and his team refuse to be limited by those challenges; so they are constantly seeking alternative means of music promotion and networking, while exploring performance opportunities regionally and internationally.

With his determined spirit, soulful voice and infectious melodies we have absolutely no doubt that Bomani will achieve his ultimate goal; his music transcending time and generations, touching  people across the world; inspiring aspiring artistes as those before him inspired him.

In fact if you listen to his music releases from over the years it’ll become evident to you that he’s already achieving his mission.


Bomani 2

ECCO: When you’re not doing music, what are you doing?

Bomani: When I’m not doing music you can find me chillin’ with friends and family at home, watching movies, or at the beach, or at any of several of the hangout spots in SVG having a few drinks and eating great food.


ECCO: What are your passions besides music?

Bomani: Visual arts, helping with the development of young people and cricket.


ECCO: What makes you laugh?

Bomani: Great stand-up comedy and political and social satire make me laugh and good jokes generally.


ECCO: Name one thing about yourself that most people won’t know

Bomani: Most people probably won’t know that I’m a picky eater.


ECCO: Who are you music mentors? Music influences?

Bomani: There have been several individuals who have mentored me over the years here in SVG, Mr Lennox Bowman, Mr Franklyn Edwards who is also my manager. I’ve had great conversations with legendary Vincentian calypsonians like Winston Soso and Becket that I consider as great council. My musical influences over the years have been wide enough to include artistes from several genres such as Peter Tosh, Berres Hammond, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Gladys Knights, Whitney Houston, Luthor Vandross, Seal, David Rudder, the original Burning Flames, Krossfyah, Winston Soso and Becket.


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Skinny Fabulous – Ignorant (Live @ H2o Version)

3 Aug

It went down inside one of the wildest water parties inside St. Vincent & Grenadines / Caribbean – H2o Soca – Skinny Fabulous performing Ignorant to a full charged crowd of fans who loved every moment of this performance.

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Why Bazodee, Staring Machel Montano And Natalie Perera, Is The Perfect Movie To See This Summer

3 Aug

Bazodee movie, a Caribbean rom com (or romantic comedy), couldn’t have come at a better time!

Bazodee, is filled with laughter and love, two of the things we so desperately need right now in our communities this summer; and a message that we have all seemed to have forgotten over the last few months: race shouldn’t matter.

It’s funny, inspiring and uplifting! Not to mention, easily relatable for the Caribbean American community here in NYC. The accents aren’t fake (thank God), and the jokes sound like they were torn out of a page from our own life stories.

So what’s Bazodee all about?

“Anita Ponchouri (Natalie Perera), pictured above, [is] the dutiful Indian daughter of a deep-in-debt businessman (Kabir Bedi) [and] is about to marry a wealthy Londoner (Staz Nair), also pictured above, when a chance encounter with local singer, Lee de Leon (soca music star, Machel Montano) sets things askew. In search of a muse, de Leon agrees to perform at the engagement party for both families. Unable to deny their mutual attraction, and with the excitement of Carnival approaching, Anita must now choose between the answer to her family’s financial prayers and the possibility of real love.”

Surprisingly, soca artist Machel Montano, is a natural actor and the chemistry between him and his co-star, Natalie Perera, is undeniable.

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Lil Rick wins 2016 Tune of the Crop title

2 Aug

Source: Loop News Barbados

 I’z A Bajan has earned Lil Rick his third crown for the 2016 Crop Over Festival.

The patriotic song was named the Tune of the Crop for Monday’s Grand Kadooment, earning the veteran artist a cash prize of $7,500.

Lil Rick, who is celebrating 20 years in entertainment, now adds the Road March title to his Party Monarch and Stag Jam Tune titles for Crop Over 2016 – the same feat as last year’s big winner, Peter Ram.

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Machel, Kees, Mavado Bring Caribbean Heat to OVO Fest.

1 Aug


Toronto was awaken and shaken up with Caribbean energy on Saturday, as the annual Caribana festival climaxed with revelers hitting the streets all day long, and later, the OVO Festival at Eco Beach presenting a slate of Caribbean music makers that certainly held their own.

Macchel Montano in thrill mode.

Chart topping international rapper, Drake delivered the caribbean flavor at the event that his record label has had running for seven years and counting, presenting caribbean soca lovers with their king, Machel Montano. The soca heavyweight who’s been making headlines in recent days with the launch of Bazodee- a film he stars in, in addition to a recent prime time Continue reading

Tami Chynn and husband, Wayne Marshall gives pregnancy update at 37-weeks

8 Jul

The two broke the news earlier this year and have been giving fans updates ever since. Earlier this week Chynn uploaded a photo showing her growing baby bump at 37-weeks being kissed by their first son Jackson.

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