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Etana Is Now At Home Recovering After Being Hospitalized For Passing Out!

27 Feb

Reggae singer Etana is at home convalescing after being released from a hospital in Miami on Thursday morning.

She had been at home, packing suitcases, and preparing for her return to Jamaica for JaRIA’s Reggae Wednesday showcase, when she felt dizzy and then suddenly fainted. She blacked out for several minutes.

“I called 911 while trying to revive her, and after a few minutes the paramedics came and they took care of her, and put her in the ambulance and rushed to the hospital,” Andre Morris, Etana’s husband and manager, said.

The doctors ran a battery of tests, and kept her a few hours for observation before finally releasing her Thursday morning.

“I just want my fans to know that I am alright, and I will be strong enough to perform at the private ‘Stop Ebola and Build For the Continue reading

Dancehall Artiste, Vanessa Bling, Will Be Launching Her Own Lipstick!

27 Feb

Dancehall artiste Vanessa Bling, formerly called Gaza Slim, is gearing up to launch a line of lipstick called Vanessa Bling lipstick. According to the artiste, the product will be available for purchase online and in selected stores islandwide.

Vanessa Bling is known for Continue reading

Thought of the Day

27 Feb

The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone.


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Rihanna and Kanye West for joint tour this summer

27 Feb


After weeks of rumours, it’s now official: Barbadian superstar Rihanna will share the stage with rapper Kanye West in a joint tour this summer.

Live Nation has confirmed the first date of their eagerly anticipated tour for July 25th in Tallinn, Estonia. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale March 5th.

Although the Unapologetic girl’s music delves into a different musical spectrum than West’s Continue reading

Caribbean Cookbook: From Anguilla, Conch Fritters With Yellow Curry Sauce

26 Feb


Caribbean Cookbook will be featuring recipes from some of the Caribbean’s best chefs in the next month as they prepare to compete in the upcoming Taste of the Caribbean competition in Miami.

The first recipe comes from Teron Thompson, a junior chef for the Anguilla National Culinary Team. Continue reading

At the Caribbean’s Coldest Place, an Art Gallery Made of Ice

26 Feb


Looking for a different way to cool off in the Caribbean? If you’re in St. Thomas, consider taking a stroll through Magic Ice.

Easy to find on Charlotte Amalie’s waterfront, it’s the world’s largest permanent ice gallery, Continue reading

Tourism on the rise in Cuba in January

25 Feb


Though the official figures have not yet been released, there is reportedly a noticeable increase in the flow of international tourists who last month travelled to Cuba, Continue reading