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Vote for your 3 favorite Ragga Soca songs for Vincy Mas 2016

14 Jun


Ricky T & Eempey Slicker – Freaky Girls (Official Music Video) – St Lucia Soca 2016

28 May

Ricky T & Eempey Slicker – “Freaky Girls”

Feeling Groovy with Freaky Girls!

Another club banger coming from Stratosphere Muzic. This time combining St. Lucia and the United States on an International Groovy Soca Fusion Level!

Freaky Girls was written by Courtney ‘Curty’ Louis, Ricky ‘Ricky T’ Joseph and Miguel ‘Eempey Slicker’ Paul, with keys by Courtney ‘Curty’ Louis & Alison Fingarz, percussions by Gregory Paul and Background Vocals by Melissa ‘QPID’ Moses.

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27 Jan


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Kitch follows in father’s footsteps

14 Nov

I will be carrying on the legend of my father from now on. The time has reached.”

Those were the words of Kernal “Kitch” Roberts, son of the late calypsonian Aldwyn Roberts, better known as the Lord Kitchener.

Roberts recently resigned as Machel Montano and the HD Band/HD Family’s background musician/drummer.

His resignation came as a shocker in the soca world but Roberts confirmed that it was not because of a falling-out, as rumoured.

Speaking to the T&T Guardian at his home and studio at Rain-o-Rama, Diego Martin, Roberts said he has maintained a good relationship with Montano, so much so, that Roberts will now be joining the band’s frontline singers, and appear alongside Montano, Farmer Nappy and Patrice Roberts.

He recently released his first song for Carnival 2015, a groovy soca song called Soca State of Mind.

“I was never really one to want to be in the spotlight or wanted to be in the front. I was always cool in the back. I was born in the spotlight, born to a man in the biggest spotlight. However, this year I reached a spot where I had this song and I found that it was not fitting for anybody else to sing and everything was pointing to me and that’s when I decided to give it a go and I was encouraged and cheered on by all my friends.

“I took this opportunity to walk in the footsteps of my father in the right way. After thinking about it deeply, the answer was crystal clear for me. It was time for me to meet and greet the people, at the same time entertaining them just like my dad used to do.”

Roberts, who wrote five Road March titles and four Soca Monarch titles in the last eight years, proudly admitted having no regrets about this latest transition period of his life, at just 34.

Roberts also disclosed that his second soca hit, which is expected to be released at the end of this month is a collaboration with Montano.

“This is one that everyone will have to look out for. I have Machel’s 200 per cent support guaranteed.”

Not wanting to let too much out of the bag for the upcoming Carnival season, Roberts is convinced that they already have the Road March 2015 hit.

“We already have this lock. We had it for this year but we had to hold it back for Machel’s Ministry of Road, which was written by Jelani Shaw, who is a brilliant writer and I am glad that I was able to empower him.”

Referring to Shaw’s incredible song- writing talents, Roberts strongly believes that the Power Soca industry is lacking writers and wished for more Shaws to come on-board.

So, what more can the soca lovers and fans of the Lord Kitchener look out for, from Roberts?

“I will be passing through several calypso tents when I am not ‘pumping’ with Benjai and Machel and the HD family.”

When asked if he had any concerns about Carnival 2015, Roberts quickly pointed out the deadly Ebola virus.

“I pray to God that Ebola stays away from our shores. I remember being told about Carnival being postponed in 1972/73 to May because of a polio outbreak. When Carnival did come around then, it had washed out with rain and that’s when my dad won the Road March with the hit Rain-O-Rama—the current name of the residence here in Diego Martin.

“So, all in all, I don’t want to see a repeat of similar nature next year for Carnival. This Ebola thing is very serious, it is my main fear and I hope it is contained wherever and it stays away from T&T.”

Source: Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

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Tian retains Groovy Soca Monarch crown

5 Aug

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Tian Winter successfully defended his crown as

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12 May

Usain Bolt “Tun Up” Carnival In Trinidad 2014 [VIDEO]

3 Mar