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10 Aug

The Tobago Heritage Festival is an annual event created to preserve the unique cultural traditions of Tobago. The Festival has grown from year to year and runs from mid July to the beginning of August, attracting thousands as they celebrate as communities.

The Festival is by far the main event on the Tobago cultural calendar and it is considered and accepted that the Heritage Festival is to Tobago, what Carnival is to Trinidad.

During the entire Festival, visitors and returning Tobagonians are able to visit the many quaint and friendly villages and experience their way of life, language and varied oral traditions, culture, dances, music, environment and, of course, their culinary delights. So come to Tobago and join the many thousands to witness the spectacle that is The Tobago Heritage Festival.

For more information about this culture filled festival, visit http://www.tobagoheritagefestival.com/.

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Akimbo – an indigenous artistic experience

29 May

Featured photo of a bold piece by @alstair05 . You can find these and many other bracelets and necklaces from this amazing men’s jewelry designer at AKIMBO.

Akimbo is an old English word that means “with hands on the hips and elbows turned outwards”. It is with this identity that business partners Karen Kennedy and Kevon Foderingham enterprise on telling a Caribbean story with a fashion element. Akimbo was envisioned to be something entrenched in a community to bring about that feeling of a village. Although the initial idea was birth about three years ago, it was placed on the back burner as life happened. Then last October a space presented itself and fresh life was breathed into the idea. The platform which seeks to be an independent fashion boutique and artistic event space was launched a month later and provides an additional outlet for Caribbean makers and doers to shine.

Kevon Foderingham (co-founder of Akimbo) gives us a detailed insight into what makes Akimbo so unique.

Ken: In a few sentences, briefly tell us about yourself/team.

Team Akimbo - L to R- Kai Simon, Jabari Simon, Karen Kennedy, Kevon Foderingham

Team Akimbo: Kai Simmon, Jabari Simmon, Karen Kennedy and Kevon Foderingham

Kevon: I’ve always believed that to be human is to be multifaceted and that translates into having many interests but what makes it worthwhile is when these interests can come together to create one cohesive vision. That’s me in a nutshell and that’s Akimbo in a nutshell; many things coming together with the hope of adding value. I describe myself as a cultural vulture. I’ve always been on the periphery of fashion and art, both here and when I lived in London but most of the projects I have been involved in have always had the common theme of providing a platform for the makers and doers. Karen (my business partner) is a graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and is a seasoned marketing executive and coupled with my own experience in marketing and communications, education, hospitality management and entertainment makes us a very formidable team with a perfect combination of skills. Continue reading

Top 5 Adventure Events in the Caribbean – According to Rad Season

27 May

Source: Rad Season

Green turtles off Grand Caymans Reefs, Caribbean

Green turtles off Grand Caymans Reefs, Caribbean

Great climate, entertainment, and action are the perfect ingredients for an amazing adventure and what better place to find all these elements than the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is known for offering amazing opportunities; especially for adrenaline junkies who want thrilling activities that will leave them with a lingering feeling of excitement after they return home. There’s no limit to the amount of activities that you can participate in; however, here are 5 guaranteed ways to enjoy yourself in the Caribbean.

Appleton Special Dream Weekend Festival, Jamaica

Appleton Special Dream Weekend festival in Negril, Jamaica offers a truly exciting experience for partygoers and adventure lovers alike in one of the Continue reading


26 May

The largest cultural event “Vincy Mas” is Vincentian expression in all of its glory. Climaxing during the last week of June to the first week in July. Packed with pageantry and expression linked to our African Caribbean heritage. Carnival is colorful, humorous and full of surprises. Calypsonians, steel pan orchestras, beauty contestants, fancy mas bands and others perform and parade to compete for carnival honors, while the populace watch, participate and enjoy.

Carnival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is managed by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC). This committee is designed to orchestrate all carnival activities and is currently headed by Mr. Dennis Ambrose (Chairman). The board is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for the promotion of carnival and other festivities; secure finance and sponsorship; creating adequate sub-committees which shall be responsible for producing events under the authority of the corporation. They also grant permission to private individuals to host events during the season. Major sponsors for Vincy Mas 2016 are FLOW; National Lotteries Authority; St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority and others.

CDC Members 2009

Kicking off with an official launch in May all the way through to July, culminating in the world famous street parties and Mardi gras. In between there are a whole host of wonderfully entertaining events such as the Miss SVG Pageant; the Soca Monarch Competition; Ms Carival; Steel and Glitter Pan Fest; Junior Mas; Mardi Gras; and J’Ouvert just to name a few.

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#NewMusic – L.Pank – In The Water (Vincy Soca 2016)

20 May



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15 May


We are proud to present a production inspired by the struggles of life and the joy’s of overcoming negativity in all forms and aspects. Skinny Fabulous very vividly depicts through his lyrics a beating heart of joy, fueled by the veins of pain and struggle. None of us would be who we are today without remaining solid in the face of adversity – it doesn’t matter who you are. Remember where you come from and persist with a level of determination and focus, remain solid. #SOLIDASAROCK

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#Kings&Queens – Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in Traditional African Wear

13 May

Major Props to the Artist who created this piece @DENNY_OW


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