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Barbados Wedding Venues

29 Jul

The Crane
For a large wedding with guests of all ages, you can’t beat The Crane, which sits right on Crane beach, rated as one of the top ten best beaches in the world. Glamorous self-catering suites have all of the amenities of a vacation rental – fully-equipped kitchens, dishwashers, washers and dryers – and all of the perks of a luxury hotel: room service, jacuzzi bathtubs, spa showers, and private plunge pools.
The Lone Star
The design-driven Lone Star is easily the coolest hotel on the island. This celebrity favourite is very laid back and very boutique, making it the perfect venue for anyone who wants an island wedding that also feels like an intimate backyard wedding.

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24 Jun


Source: Nature Islands Weddings

Are you in search of a location where getting married as foreigner is stress free – Then you are on the right page!

Almost anyone can get married in Dominica. Simply present us with the following documents and we will take it from there….

  1. Completed Application Form (referred to as Form G) which we will provide to you. The form must be signed by both parties and witnessed by a Magistrate, Notary Public; Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Oaths. Don’t panic if you can’t find one in your area, we can get this done in Dominica when you arrive.
  2. Birth Certificate of each of you – Baptismal Certificates are not accepted.
  3. A non-marriage certificate must be presented if you’ve never been married
  4. If married before, a Decree of Divorce or a Death Certificate of former spouse must be produced.
  5. If you’ve changed your name, a deed poll must be presented
  6. One passport sized photo for each of you
  7. Your passports for inspection. This is to establish the length of time on island as the fees differ based on residency period

Non-nationals whose documents are not in English must have all required documents translated by an authorized office or translator. All documents must be duly stamped. Please note that only the original translation will be accepted. Both the original document and the translated documents must be presented.

For all the above required documents, the original documents are preferred.

For same-day and next-day weddings, we advise that documents are sent to us via FedEx or DHL to ensure that the license is received in time for the wedding.

Yes…it’s that simple….What are you waiting for? Book your destination wedding in Dominica today!

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