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5 Aug


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The effervescent Sharde Titus  – the owner of Snaqqle (snack-le) holds a degree in Literatures in English with a minor in Theatre and two CVQs in Television and Video production but her business has very little to do with her academics. This bubbly lass lived in both Trinidad and Tobago as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines and have always had a penchant love for history and culture so for her final year project at UWI she tried to delve into an aspect of culture which eventually led her to these sweet treats. 

There was very little information about what I wanted to write about, which was “A history about the traditional sweets of Tobago”.


How did Snaqqle come into existence?


Snaqqle came to me as an idea after doing that research on the quantitative study on traditional sweets in Tobago. It was through this project that I realized that the sweets were being made and packaged in pretty much the same way they have always been over the years. I therefore decided it was time to try my hand at modernizing an age old tradition.


What are you hoping to achieve by adding a twist to these traditional sweets/treats?


Through putting a new twist on the sweets I am hoping to have a resurgence of interest in them. The process of making these sweets has been a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation not only as a way to keep the tradition alive, but it has been a great way to make extra money. Today many of the vendors who make their own sweets will be the last in their family to do so therefore, I see this as one way to keep the tradition alive. Many gravitate to the new industrialized treats that we see on store shelves but I am hoping by adding these new flavors, shapes and also packaging that I can make the sweets more attractive. The sweets are also sold at ports in Tobago, and many have observed the tourists passing up the opportunity to taste and buy the local treats. It is said while interviewing a few of the tourists that they have noticed that the sweets did not look appealing so with this new twist they can even be attractive to the tourist.


What advice would you give to persons thinking on venturing on a cottage/small business?

I presently operate my business part time.Starting a business from scratch is always challenging. Working for yourself you feel like you are working longer hours but it is thoroughly rewarding as you are working towards building your dream.  I love to see people’s reaction when they get a beautifully shaped fudge in a flavor they never expected. Some of the challenges can be getting start up and dealing with negativity. For instance, I once attended a seminar for youth in business and the director asked me why would anyone be interested in my sweets as everyone is getting health conscious and we are in a recession. That was very discouraging and I was on the brink of giving up but I pressed on and I am glad that I did. It is hard to stay positive from time to time and you are always wondering where you will get money to keep your dream alive but once you keep pushing you will find a way. I am very fortunate that I have a mother who supports me though I lean on her a lot and my family is always there as well, my aunt especially and my cousins therefore my support system is strong.


To those persons who want to start their own business I would encourage them to do so. At times it would be hard especially in the beginning but never give up.  There are many avenues to fund your business so seek them out and try, try, try until you succeed.



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Written by Kenrife ‘VincyVoice’ Matthias


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