Balade en Mer by Rosalie Chiara

3 Aug

Written by Kenrife ‘VincyVoice’ Matthias


I first became acquainted with Rosalie Chiara while coordinating flights for her and her painting team last November. Maybe it was her silvery voice coated with her French accent that intrigued me but it wasn’t until we actually met in person that I realized what an enthralling person she was.

Rosalie Chiara is a design painter from the South-East of France, Nice and has been based in Barbados since 2010. Her life’s work has led her to be the Director of RC Designs & Decorations Inc. since 2013.


Rosalie tells us where her journey began;
“When I was a kid, the smell of the paint and the different textures and colors that I was surrounded by when I entered my mom’s workshop, in one of the family house rooms always delighted me. My mother was a very talented painter and used to create abstract pieces, with silk paper, magazine pages, pictures, paint, pencil and charcoal, raffia, design with tile grout –  full of contrast and poesy. I was always around with a paper and colors following the inspiration.


After my general baccalaureate, I started studying art in Nice, fine art in Marseille, architecture in Paris and finally design painting at the Van Der Kelen institute in Brussels, Belgium.

Then I installed my workshop in Nice in 2006 and I start working with the “atelier Borghese” based in the old town, and had the chance to work in amazing places of the French Riviera, between Antibes and Monaco.

I first visited Barbados around 2000, for a training with French painters, decorating an amazing house in Sandy Lane where we painted ornaments on a bed head, 2x170m2 murals painted on 2 ceilings, and gold powder application on Venetian plaster walls. All of these beautiful techniques inspired me to choose my career profession, in a wonderful location which was the Caribbean.”

On one side and through her company, Rosalie is specialized in trompe l’oeil and imitations like wood, marble, patina, wall textures, murals, ornaments painted, restoration of antiques and furniture, gold leaf application, Venetian plaster and polished concrete.

image2 (4)


On another side, she has developed her personal type of artistic work, using old distressed wood on which she paints fish or sea scenes which she showcased in her two exhibitions in Barbados : “Balade en Mer” in 2014, and “Views from the Ocean” in 2016 which culminated on July the 10th.


Caribbean fish, corals, shrimp, starfish, buoys or anchor are a part of the marine world which Rosalie endeavors to describe in the many shapes, sizes and colors always using the design of the old wood, like witnesses of the sea wildlife. In this quest, acrylic paint or pastels are used to bring to life the artists imagery.


What can potential clients expect from her artwork?


Everything is possible with paint! In interior space, Rosalie can create a new ambiance; make a room feel bigger, create windows open to anything, imitate textures and design, on walls or ceilings, restorate furnitures or change the style… Paint is magic!


Her personal work personifies a kaleidoscope of colors which represents a non-conventional way of the beautiful Caribbean sea-life varying from natural, medium and material, decorative pieces which could fit into every interior space and place.

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