Andrew Phillip – the ‘Hitz’!

2 Aug



“There’s a flame in me that drives me to achieve and exceed; I see a vision and I am reaching for it”

The sobriquet ‘Hitz’ is in one word the mission statement of Andrew ‘Hitz’ Phillip who is of the conviction that with a name like ‘Hitz’ he has no choice but to deliver such says the singer, songwriter and music producer.


‘Hitz’ as he is fondly known as in the soca arena grew up around music in a panyard therefore, soca has always been a part of his life. He naturally gravitated to music as he started playing musical instruments from as early as age six (6). His interest in the soca art-form came about as with growth came the natural transition into production, songwriting and now singing. Describing his music as eclectic, rhythmic and energetic, ‘Hitz’ recalls his first notable musical production to be “Zombie” with Blaxx. He further opines that prior to that, he has never written and produced a song that had such a profound impact.

The multi-talented musical whizz states that his greatest opportunity so far in his musical career is meeting Dj Buddha and signing to the Therapist Music Team. He is now in a place where he can not only learn, but grow and create with no sense of limit or boundaries.

As an artiste, ‘Hitz’ prides himself with individuality, passion and will to make a difference. He further distinguishes from the “get on bad”, “mash up de place” and “get drunk” mentality of his compeers with storytelling.


“I put stories and journeys into my music; in my own unique way.”

Presently in a position to channel the course of the soca music industry, ‘Hitz’ declares that it’s not about what he will like to see anymore but moreso what he is going to do to effect change.


“Soca is Carnival oriented music so I’m going to just make music and what happens next is up to the people.”


Soca music is predominantly the preferred genre of most West Indians young and old. However, it is forever changing as in the past few years it has moved back to good content, after some years of sparse content.

Although he has been in the industry for quite a while ‘Hitz’ considers himself to still being at the beginning stage in most respects as few people know that he  even sings; few follow or recognize it. Wihtal, he is known for his writing and producing skills but surmises that until he has fully made that transition with a career defining “hit”, he is still new to the game.

To the young upcoming artistes across the region within the soca arena ‘Hitz’ advices the lot to follow their passion; be themselves and most of all be resilient.


If you do something for fun, then it’s a hobby but if you do it as your business (fun or not) then it’s your profession; music is mine!

While ‘Hitz’ has collaborated and produced for some of the BIG names notably in the Trinidad soca arena, he reasons that collaborations may or may not advance ones’ career. He further elaborates that achievements and outstanding work is what propels and makes one a force to reckon with in the music industry.

Notably, there is a predominance of the drums in most of his production which he can identify with having played percussive instruments such as drums and pan for years.


“‘Hitz’ attributes his drive as an artiste to be simply passion.”

Hitz thanks his mom and brothers who have always supported him even if or when they didn’t believe or see his dream along with friends, colleagues, mentors and supporters who have joined the ranks.

He enjoys spending downtime with his amazing son and mother and advocates that his son is the reason he keeps going when the storms come and trust me, they do come.


Music is Life… Life is Music!

For those who wish to connect with the singer, songwriter and music producer, he can be contacted on the following mediums:


Written by Kenrife ‘VincyVoice’ Matthias


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