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Are you in search of a location where getting married as foreigner is stress free – Then you are on the right page!

Almost anyone can get married in Dominica. Simply present us with the following documents and we will take it from there….

  1. Completed Application Form (referred to as Form G) which we will provide to you. The form must be signed by both parties and witnessed by a Magistrate, Notary Public; Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Oaths. Don’t panic if you can’t find one in your area, we can get this done in Dominica when you arrive.
  2. Birth Certificate of each of you – Baptismal Certificates are not accepted.
  3. A non-marriage certificate must be presented if you’ve never been married
  4. If married before, a Decree of Divorce or a Death Certificate of former spouse must be produced.
  5. If you’ve changed your name, a deed poll must be presented
  6. One passport sized photo for each of you
  7. Your passports for inspection. This is to establish the length of time on island as the fees differ based on residency period

Non-nationals whose documents are not in English must have all required documents translated by an authorized office or translator. All documents must be duly stamped. Please note that only the original translation will be accepted. Both the original document and the translated documents must be presented.

For all the above required documents, the original documents are preferred.

For same-day and next-day weddings, we advise that documents are sent to us via FedEx or DHL to ensure that the license is received in time for the wedding.

Yes…it’s that simple….What are you waiting for? Book your destination wedding in Dominica today!

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding getting married in Dominica

Is the marriage valid worldwide?

Absolutely. However, we strongly recommend that international couples verify whether they need an apostille on their marriage  certificate. An apostille is a validation by the Government Registrar’s Office which gives an extra level of international acceptability. It takes up to 3 business days; therefore if you are leaving island sooner we will mail the certificate to you via DHL, FedEx or Registered mail, whichever you choose. Of course we can keep it safe for you, if you plan on returning for vacation in a few months -:)

Why get married in Dominica?

Simply, Dominica offers the best of both worlds – Breath taking wedding backdrops and a simple, quick and hassle free process so you don’t have to fight a legal and bureaucratic battle to get married.  Hey…we even do weddings for couples on cruise ship who are only visiting for a few hours!

Can I change my name in Dominica?

No; unless you are resident in Dominica.  The law does not provide for this. You will have to change your name when you return to your country of residence.

Can anyone get married in Dominica?

Pretty much! We have had couples from all over the world, including UK, Germany, France, Philippines and the United States. So almost anyone can get married here. Of course, asylum-seekers and refugees, are exceptions.

What is the ceremony like, and how long does it take?

The ceremony is quick and simple, but can be personalized to suit your preference. For e.g. You may have your personal vows you would like to express to each other or your mother-in-law may want to do a song or poem that she wrote just for your special day. Usually the Registrar conducts the ceremony. There are a few religious ministers who are licensed to conduct weddings outside the church; however most persons are fine with using the Registrar.  Two witnesses are required. This is anyone over 18 years. If you don’t have any witnesses, we will be happy to provide you with two of our staff as witnesses.

When do we get the marriage certificate?

The Registrar will issue you a Marriage Registrar which is just as legal as the Marriage Certificate. The Marriage Certificate is optional but recommended and you can apply for as many copies as you wish. The application for the Certificate can take up to 3 business days.

How long do we need to be on island for before the wedding?

While there is no stipulated residency requirement, we encourage couples to come at least two days before the wedding. An expedite fee of US 80 is charged if you arrive less than 3 days before and varying charges apply for same-day weekend and holiday weddings.

Can we get married in the Registry office?

We only offer romantic locations such as the Waterfalls, Garden Gazebos and Lakes. While the registry office is large enough to accommodate just about the two of you, it can be busy, and is not the most romantic location. We understand that you are trying to get married quickly but does this means the wedding itself has to be dull and unromantic?  We do understand that you may be considering a budget friendly wedding option, but it will be worth it to pay a little more to make your weddings day a special day to remember!


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