The REAL TRUTH Why The Government Couldn’t Let VYBZ KARTEL Go Free! [MUST READ]

12 Jun

Source: Jamaica Takeout

Vybz Kartel traveled quickly up the ladder of fame as he spit lyrics ranging from raunchy and hard core to hard-hitting gun tunes.However, Vybz Kartel’s influence began to be more evident during the feud between himself and Mavado which has left an indelible mark on the minds of ALL Jamaicans.

Many persons are not aware of the influence Kartel had on the then Jamaican government  lead by Portia Simpson, even as he did songs which lashed out against the injustice. The Jamaican Government could not afford for Vybz Kartel to continue on a free roam as it was bad for their business. It is a known fact that their are Jamaicans who dub themselves ‘die-hearted labourites’ or ‘die-hearted pnp’ and that these two parties have been the most spoken about topic by Jamaicans over the years, especially around election time. These two bodies were so influential that they lead Jamaica into a frenzy or criminal activities from murder, to scams and robberies so you see the problem that it caused for them when Vybz Kartel got the entire Jamaica to stop saying PNP and JLP and start saying Gully and Gaza.

Vybz Kartel was accused of being the trigger man behind over 100 unsolved murders that took place in Jamaica over the years; crimes that, surprisingly, were not brought up against him before and that have no evidence at all to support the claims. These accusations were made and strongly backed by, the commissioner of police, Owen Ellington who also mentioned that they (the JCF) have been telling the country this for along time. He also went on to say that Vybz Kartel lead a gang which was responsible for these murders but every time they moved against this gang, they were condemned and accused of being malicious. Had any of this been true, why would the Commissioner of Police not have support of the Jamaican government?

If you remember correctly, Ellington retired suddenly from his post on the premise that he“needed to separate himself from the leadership and management of the Force” What does that even mean coming from the man who was Commissioner of Police? No matter, it was later revealed that Ellington himself was forced to resign (that’s why it came so suddenly) because news came to light that he was in connection with widely known criminal entities in Jamaica, individuals and gangs alike.

The Gaza/Gully fued was so influential that a clause was created in the Anti-gun legislation act. Clause 15 of the act stated that “a person shall not use a common name or identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or other physical marking, colour or style of dress or graffiti or produce, record or perform songs to promote or facilitate the criminal activity of a criminal organization”. The clause was subsequently removed and was announced by former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange and Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor at a panel discussion held at the UWI. The clause was created as it was said the fued segregated Dancehall fans and facilitated the rise of gangs in local schools. ‘Babsy’ Grange is a member of the Jamaica Labour Party and Vybz Kartel is a known PNP affiliate so why would she ‘back’ him? Simple, because it is in opposition to what the ruling government wants.

Vybz Kartel did songs that were opening the eyes of many a Jamaican citizen against the unjust hand that was being dealt to us by or so called leaders. His song “Emergency” is a great example, ‘dem change dem face like Nicholas Cage, true election a come demtemporary re-arrange, mi rate Bruce mi rate pj but dem waa we dead off like dog weh have mange. MI born as a suffera wen it ago change? Mi love portia Simpson mi love Babsy grange, but if dem nuh tun a new page, we naa wear no green or red agen.. we a wear beige.’ Vybz Kartel had enough influence for them to create and implement a clause to govern his lyrics about crime, but what were they going to do to stop him from making songs like these?

The only way they saw out was to imprison him with the hopes that his voice would be locked up too.


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