#NewMusic: Smooth Criminal by Tian Winter (Antiguan Soca 2016)

28 May

The Rebel Panda Riddim is the first journey into the Music x Fashion project. This marriage bore its first fruits in the form of Jamaican-born, Vincentian-based DJ, John Rickards aka Captain John’s very first production. The project, co-produced by Vincentian producer, Kubiyashi, features some of Vincy’s top artistes – Skinny Fabulous & Problem Child as well as young veteran in the business Hance, new comer Reka and some Antiguan energy by way of multiple Soca Monarch champion Tian Winter. The element of fashion is achieved by a close collaboration with Vincentian fashion brand, Peta Odini and its Animal Farm series print, Rebel Panda.

The Rebel Panda print inspired the artwork for all the tracks, created by graphic design maverick Nadia Huggins. See, the Rebel Panda Riddim isn’t just about sound, but also about lifestyle, and as such, a Rebel Panda Riddim printed apparel series will be created for Rebel Panda-sstepping to the riddim of this soundtrack series.

Song Name: Smooth Criminal
Performed By:Tian WInter
Produced by: John Rickards, Alex Barnwell
Written by: Mical Williams, Tian Winter
Guitars: Zan George
Percussions: Alex Barnwell, Montreal Jouvert Band
Back Vocals: Tian WInter
Mixed and Mastered by: Keron “Scratchmaster” Hector

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