Mr Vegas releases Drake diss, announces new album ‘This Is Dancehall’…

27 May

Source: Dre1allianceent

Talk about trying to stay relevant! Lol

Veteran Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas is milking his short-lived feud with Canadian Rapper Drake and recording artiste Popcaan.

Last week Vegas accused Drizzy of being a vulture on dancehall music and blasted him for not giving the genre credit for his successful VIEWS album.

Earlier this week Dancehall artiste Popcaan uploaded a respond dissing Vegas which got the full support from the ‘6 God,’ who commented saying ‘Wicked Wicked Wicked,’ ‘OVO Unruly same thing.’

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Vegas whom has since responded saying he was only defending Dancehall while adding that Popcaan’s actions weren’t surprising, “Member the Jamaican people did sellout Marcus Garvey fi rice and peas eno, suh ano ntn new,” he said.

Seems Vegas isn’t over the feud after releasing a new diss track titled ‘Dancehall Pirate’ aimed at the rapper. In the single Vegas lists the name of legendary rappers whom he respects while stating he doesn’t rate Drake because he’s a fake.

“Mi nuh rate Drake him fake, real know real dem a fake, yuh cyaa trus dem, dem nuh straight, start from the bottom remember a you say it,” Vegas sings.

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The “Heads High” hitmaker also announced that he’ll be releasing his 8th studio album “This Is Dancehall” soon for his fans.

Listen the track below.


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