Costumized Monday-wear by L.C.M. Designs and Concepts

24 May

The very essence of  her aesthetic nature resonates in both her professional and personal life. The Owner and Manager at L.C.M. Designs and Concepts – Lutcha McBurnette Clement is a  Medical Esthetician by profession and a designer by avocation. The foxy Vincentian entrepreneur who now resides in Trinidad and Tobago describes herself as an introverted, intuitive and structured individual with a flair and passion for fashion. It is with this admission that she offers masqueraders an option to be free and play in whatever band they want as she believes that carnival is one season that one should not be restrained from expressing their inner jamboree.



I am a Medical Esthetician… that’s my baby! I would definitely say that fashion is one of my hobbies…

The petite soft spoken lass asserted that although being  a Medical Esthetician is her “baby”  she would definitely say  that fashion is one of her hobbies as the idea of being able to produce something from scratch looking on to the end product is simply amazing.

L.C.M Designs & Concepts is a registered production company from St.Vincent and the Grenadines that produces  and designs swimsuits to different Carnival Bands. The company is always re-inventing itself to improve and outdo productions of previous years. Although it’s only in its third year of producing for Carnival, each design is as free-spirited as the visionary behind the designs and the final product is comparatively equal to established carnival houses. Creativity is like an adventure echoes Lutcha who adds that “when you have someone with strong personality traits persevering against all odds you know you have a diamond in the rough.”

Managing day to day operations of her own company in Trinidad is an extensive commitment in comparison to running the similar sized operation in St Vincent can be exhaustive, adding school into the mix and one would wonder if the quality of costumes would be compromised.

However, L.C.M Designs & Concepts is test-proof  to having a clientele who always demands the best proves that they have created a brand that is consistent and affordable.

In the current economic climate, value for money and social media influences the marketing of goods and services and L.C.M Designs & Concepts  proves this theory to be true as consistency is key.

Join us as we unearth the lady behind the costumes.

What was the first piece of fashion that you ever created and how did it make you feel?

The first piece of fashion I did was for Guinness Band 2014, the feeling of having someone believe in me to produce on such a large scale is something I can’t put into words.


Lutcha sporting one of her creations for Guinness Posse 2014

Every responsibility has its challenges and hers being  “the ever changing industry, unpredictable market and demands are just a few.” However facing these challenges with confidence and optimism is what Lutcha defines as her recipe for SUCCESS.

How do you feel about your progression today and is it much different for you now than when you first started?

Looking back to the very beginning to now I would say that  I have learnt a lot and I’m forever thankful for the people who were patient and understanding with me through my progress.


Aphrodite section from Ahdrenalin Mas 2015 designed by Lutcha Clement and Nakita Hyatali

Is there anyone special you would like to thank for making your dream come true as a designer?

Yes, there are a few persons I would like to thank; firstly, I would give many thanks to Our Lord Father for making this possible, to the Guinness team for their patronage, to my mom Shirlene Clement for her prayers and encouragement, my family for their moral support and to my many friends… so many to call. They know who they are 🙂

Contrary to public misconception, Lutcha will not be bringing a band or a section to this years’ Vincy Mas. Instead,  she is offering masqueraders an option  to revel in these customized “simple & fashiony” Monday-wear that can be purchased at affordable prices and can be worn in whichever “BAND” one chooses given that a package has been  purchased from the particular band.

On going solo this year, Lutcha conveys that “The sense of freedom achieved from going solo is unregrettably one of my best decisions minus the cushion of collaborations.”

Exclusively, each swimwear purchased will come with a free lipstick from RICI.

We at Metrocaribbean thank Luctha Clement for taking time to interview with us and wish her every success on her continued endeavors.

L.C.M. Designs and Concepts



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