25 Hilarious Photos of the Royal Family You Will Love!

18 May

SOURCE: Time To Break

Us Brits love the royal family – from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s glorious wedding to the Queens 90th Birthday, we’re never short of royal events that we can’t wait to be a part of. We know that the royals are just as, if not more, popular across the seas. You all love them for their grace, their patriotism and let’s face it – they’re all so fierce! But, whilst you might think the most important family in the world would be involved in serious business 24/7, the royals are actually quite normal folk too and dare I say it – a little goofy! If you don’t believe us, check out these hilarious pictures of the royals caught being anything but serious. Trust us, you’ll wanna be their best mate even more after seeing these photos…

1. Prince Harry Pretending To Ride A Motorbike


That is one hell of a derp face, Prince Harry! We’re not quite sure we’ve ever seen a man in a suit doing a motorbike impression but he definitely rocks it.


2. The Royal Couple Totally Bewildered In Australia

Prince William is clearly confused over what he’s been handed but composes himself however, Kate definitely can’t hide the fact that she has no idea what’s going on.

3. Prince Harry Copying A Baby

royal photos 3

That’s right, ladies and gents, the fifth in line to throne has the most fun when he’s making babies laugh! How adorable?!

4. Prince William Packing Toilet Paper

royal photos 4

Well, Prince William definitely knows to pack the essentials first – we’re not quite sure why he needs so much, though…

5. Prince Harry And His Best Mate

royal photos 5

What a little joker he is – it’s clear that Prince Harry has always been a massive goofball and hasn’t changed at all.

6. The Queen Having A Go At Stand Up Comedy

royal photos 6

By the look on Ronald Regan’s face, we must assume that the Queen has an absolutely wicked sense of humour.

7.  Prince George: ‘What’s This?’

royal photos 7

The little Prince looks so unimpressed that his sister has taken over his photoshoot. What a diva!

8. Prince Charles aka James Bond

The future king totally kept his cool when meeting the Spice Girls, we bet inside he was like an excited fan-girl!

9. Prince William Getting Way Too Into Water Polo

royal photos 9

Who knew that Prince William was such a sports enthusiast? We definitely can’t take him seriously with that swimming hat on…

10. Prince Harry And Michelle Obama Hanging Out

royal photos 10

It looks like Prince Harry and The First Lady get along like a house on fire. Could this be the coolest friendship ever?

11. Prince William Unimpressed With His Hat Choice

It looks as if the future king has seen his mates in the distance and is desperately trying to keep in his laughter. We’d be howling too if we had to wear that!

12. The Queen Getting The Stink Eye From Her Corgi

royal photos 12

Corgis are best known for being the Queen’s favourite breed of dog, but it seems that her own royal corgis definitely have an attitude – check out that stare!

13. Kate Middleton Having A Cheeky Beverage

royal photos 13

Kate is definitely partial to a pina colada – she’s trying to play it cool when really she’s definitely feeling the alcohol in her system…

14. Prince George Getting Completely Distracted

You can’t expect little kids to be able to compose themselves 24/7 – Prince George definitely broke character in this one. We love the fact he looks like he’s about to give someone a good telling off!

15. Prince Charles Howling

We are loving how amused Prince Charles is in this – that is one hell of a laughing face!

16. Prince William The Lumberjack

The future king looks completely in his element hitting a tree stump with a sledgehammer – go on Will, let out all that royal frustration!

17. Prince Charles Looking Questionably At His Beer

He probably doesn’t like it and is being too polite to tell the barman to get him a new one – typical Brit!

18. Prince Phillip Waterskiing

royal photo 18

We know that Prince Phillip is pretty whacky but this picture just confirms it – check out that pose!

19. The Queen Getting Lairy

Is it just us or would the queen make an excellent football hooligan here! You go girl!

20. Prince Harry Getting Down And Dirty

This proves that he might be a royal prince but he always be an absolute lad!

21. The Royal Couple Looking A Little Less Than Perfect

Everyone has a bad photo – it’s just a fact of life, but we rarely see Will and Kate looking anything other than pristine. This is a special moment!

22. Prince William Being A Smooth Operator

This looks it’s come straight out of a perfume or cologne advert – Prince William definitely has all the moves!

23. Princess Kate Laughing At A Flower

royal photo 23

We’re not too sure what’s going on here – but it seems that Kate is totally easily amused.

24. Prince George Hating His Outfit

royal photo 24

It’s definitely not the nicest dress on the planet – we feel you Prince George!

25. Prince William Doing The Salsa

We can’t get over what a smooth mover Prince William is – this must have been how he woo’d Kate at university!


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