Aruba’s Top 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants

18 Apr


Aruba’s Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants
The top 10’s of Aruba finest restaurants is based on the rates given by the reviewers.

The top ten’s represents the view of our reviewers. This is calculated real time, meaning that whenever a new review is placed by a reviewer, on of the top ten’s may change right away, so be sure to check regularly.

1.Passions on the Beach


Dine and relax with your bare feet in soft white sand as you enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean caressing the shore, soft light from the tiki torches and a good glass of wine while you watch the sun set. That’s Passions on the Beach, the most romantic dinner experience on the island.When you’re ready to eat, choose a delicious meal from our dinner menu that offers a mix of meat dishes and fresh fish. Close the night with one of our special desserts.


2.Amuse Bistro



Are your taste buds ready for a great culinary dining experience? At Amuse Bistro you can enjoy a variety of plates and pair them with delicate wines….the place for people who love the good life! We at Amuse Bistro would like to inform you about our Amuse Special. We have 3 or 5 course Carte Blanche available per table order only, with wine pairing.


3.Carambola Restaurant

Carambola 3

International cuisine with a touch of the Caribbean. Our talented Chef creates fresh menu choices daily. The tantalizing menu offers endless food choices and a captivating wine list. It’s the amazing taste of simple great food!


4. Gasparito


Gasparito… The name of the area where we are located and the name of our Restaurant-Art Gallery. In the past, areas and properties were named after the families who owned the land. Our ancestors were Arawak Indians and Europeans,
therefore the areas on the Island have distinct Indian and European names.

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5.Barefoot Restaurant


As the name suggests, this is the idea for dining on Aruba. With sounds of the ocean caressing the beach in the background, the tropical breeze through your hair and your feet in the white sand, all while enjoying great food, marvelous wines and friendly, yet professional service.


6. Yemanja Woodfired Grill


Yemanja Woodfired Grill Restaurant, located behind the Renaissance hotel in Oranjestad, is one of Aruba’s most popular restaurants. With amazing food, service and overall experience, guests keep coming back! Taking the dining experience to heart, every meal is prepared with precision and care. With a fusion of Caribbean flavor and European style, Yemanja is a creative blend that will excite your palate long after your meal. With food cooked on a woodfired grill, with wood harvested here in Aruba, you literally have Aruba on your plate.


7.Chalet Suisse


Our restaurant has been a culinary hot spot since 1988. Visitors of our beautiful island and locals alike whom relish consistency and care in the preparation of each dish, fine quality ingredients and a well balanced menu to please everyone’s palate, those whom appreciate the congeniality and efficiency of our experienced service staff, feel most at home at Chalet Suisse.


8. The Flying Fishbone


Located in Savaneta, the Flying Fishbone restaurant accommodates its guests with their famous on-the-beach dining area.
Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared gourmet seafood or meat dishes underneath a star filled sky, with your feet in the sand while listening to waves gently breaking on the shore.


9. Windows on Aruba


Windows on Aruba is an elegant restaurant which is located on the top floor of the golf clubhouse at Divi Links Aruba.


10.Madame Janette


Ramon Helgers and Karsten Gesing founded Madame Janette April 2nd 1999. Their collaboration resulted into a place, which offers fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Ramon is responsible for the exotic fruits, herbs and vegetables you will find in not only our dishes, but also in most supermarkets on Aruba. Karsten, a European Master Chef, trained in ‘old school’ traditions creates, with help from his knowledgeable internationa lstaff, tasteful and creative dishes. Their combined worldwide experience gives their dishes an original flavour with a touch of Caribbean in it. We call it the Madame Janette Experience! We hope that you will have a wonderful dining romance.


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