The Smallest Caribbean Island

5 Apr

Extracts: Caribbean Travel Blog, Huffington Post,Saba Tourism

The Caribbean is the perfect getaway for many people and a great place for adventure to most. Speaking of adventure, Saba, is the perfect place to explore the Caribbean differently than the other breath-taking Islands. Saba is the smallest Caribbean Island.

The North Coast Trail, Saba in the Dutch Caribbean Photo Credit: Eveline de Vree

The North Coast Trail, Saba in the Dutch Caribbean (Photo Credit: Eveline de Vree)

If you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe, rugged little Saba is your place in the sun. The island, rising sharply out of the sea like a creature of the deep, is known for its pretty, precipitous terrain. In fact, its terrain is so iconic that its volcano is named, simply, Mt. Scenery. The highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mt. Scenery has challenging hiking trails that thread through lush rainforest, with a cloud-forest atmosphere at its peak. Wholly untouched by commercial tourism, the island’s native fauna thrive among its mahogany and mango trees. And while its beaches aren’t what you’d typically expect in the Caribbean due to Saba’s rugged topography, its trailside tide pools are fascinating, filled with sea urchins and colorful little fish zipping about in loops.

You won’t be seeing any designer boutiques or humongous malls and resorts. What you will see is nature at its finest.


Saba is known as the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean”. You’ll find no franchises here. Small eclectic bars and restaurants will infuse your nightlife after you’ve hiked a mountain rainforest trail, dove a world-acclaimed dive site or just lazed by a pool with a good book.

Flossie's Cottage in Windwardside Saba, Dutch Caribbean (Photo Credit; Facebook)

Flossie’s Cottage in Windward-side Saba, Dutch Caribbean (Photo Credit; Facebook)

It’s easy to fall into the pace of island life. You’ll receive a warm welcome from the people of Saba, people who have not forgotten the benefit of a friendly greeting, which makes wandering through a charming Saban village all the more enjoyable. Idyllic gingerbread houses and well-kept gardens resonate the pride the people of Saba feel for their island.

Queen's Gardens Resort in Troy Hill, The Bottom Saba, Dutch Caribbean (Photo Credit; Facebook)

Queen’s Gardens Resort in Troy Hill, The Bottom ,Saba, Dutch Caribbean (Photo Credit; Facebook)

Before you leave her shores you will have experienced the true beauty and community of Saba, made new friends and, like many others before you, a return visit will be the only thing on your mind…

So if you have a yearning for a different vacation, consider nothing less than Saba.

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