Caribbean Poem; “Ode to Caribbean Blue ( Terza Rima Sonnet )” By Joy A. Burki-Watson

5 Apr

Source:All Poetry
Written By Joy A.Burki-Watson


The Caribbean wind weaves warmth with waves
of crystal blue then sends them all to greet
the bleached white shores of darkened ‘done for’ slaves,

who now must stay and make old loose ends meet
regardless of the way their lives still sink
into the mists – dismissed as obsolete.

How will contempt for bias interlink
injustice for the souls still left adrift,
and what will reconcile the way some think?

Perhaps it’s time to right the growing rift
that lingers with the ghosts of those long gone
and those that sense a sentimental shift!

If time is all it takes then let’s get on
with salving wounds of those who wait, withdrawn!

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