Jamaican Chef, Andre Fowles, Wins Food Network’s Chopped

25 Feb

Extracts from Jamaica Observer, News America Now



L-R Brandon Soverall, Keisha Bocage, Andre Fowles and Rocco Nankervis. (Image Source, News America Now)

Jamaican-born Andre Fowles was victorious on Tuesday when he lined up on the Food Network’s highly acclaimed series Chopped as he was announced as the winner and had captured the title “Chopped Champion”

With Caribbean cuisine as the spotlight  of Tuesday night’s flavor-filled show,t he 20-minute Appetizer round the mystery baskets contained: Shrimp, Papaya, Canned Spiced Ham and Mofongo. Fowles made Jamaican Spiced Shrimp with Papaya Chutney using thyme, frisẻe and vegetable stock.

Chef Andre Fowles (Image Source: Jamaica Observer)

Next,the  30-minute Entree round mystery basket contained: Goat Chops, Chickpeas, Callaloo and Whole Coconuts. Chef Fowles made Traditional Jamaican Curry Goat using beef stock, chicken stock and jasmine rice.

Then the 30-minute Dessert round mystery basket included: Sugarcane, Mangoes, Sweet Potatoes and Rum. Chef Fowles made Sweet Potato Mousse with Candied Mangoes using egg whites, maple syrup and Pistachio nuts.

(Image Source: Jamaica Olympics)

The final competitors of the show along Chef Andre Fowles were  Keisha Bocage, executive chef and owner of Bocage Catering in Houston, Texas, Rocco Nankervis, executive chef of The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Houston and Brandon Soverall, chef de cuisine at Triniti Restaurant also in Houston.

Fowles, who is currently the resident sous-chef at Miss Lily’s; an authentic, vibrant Jamaican restaurant in New York.  

Prior to migrating to the U.S in 2014 and  joining the team at Miss Lily’s, Fowles worked for two years as chef de partie under the tutelage of Martin Maginley, multi-award-winning chef at the cashmere-chic Round Hill Hotel & Villas. He also worked at Kingston’s celebrated Mac’s Chop House under the celebrated Mario Machado.

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