Lady Saw Baptised and Retires from Dancehall!

16 Dec

Source: Jamaica Observer 

Dancehall artiste Lady Saw has baptised.

In a private service at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road in Kingston, Lady Saw – whose given name is Marion Hall – was baptised by Bishop Everton Thomas in the presence of close friends and family about 8:00 pm.

“The Lord has been speaking to me for years and I have been dodging him,” Hall testified.

“Today I was at J Capri’s funeral and God spoke to me again and I said to myself I want to be a servant of God,” Hall told Observer. “I was always worried about money and how I would survive without music, but God said to me ‘I have people and I will make a way’.”

Lady Saw has cancelled all her dancehall events and has declared that she is becoming a Christian.

Lady Saw at the center of her baptism

Speaking with Jamaica Observer she confirmed the social media posting, stating that despite similar utterings from her in the past this time it is real.

“This time I have accepted Jesus. I said yes, Lord, I am ready, I am here, I have accepted God and whatever is going to happen with promoters will just have to happen. I am now a warrior for Christ and who don’t like it will just have to learn. God has chosen me as a new servant. I will be ministering on his behalf… I am ready,” she stated.

Lady Saw explained that what she called a revelation from God began on Sunday evening as she went out with friends and got a little tipsy.

“On my way to J Capri’s service one of my sisters upset me really bad and I just got mad and tell them a whole heap a thing. It was really bad.”

The deejay related that her calling from God got even stronger once she sat in the chapel at the University of the West Indies for the funeral service.

“I got a chance to hug and give my condolences to her parents and family and I got really emotional when they pushed her casket up to the altar I just could not help thinking that could have been me and right there I decided I want to give my life to Christ. The question kept coming up what do I do? When I heard Cherine Anderson, Alaine and Romain Virgo sing I could feel God’s presence and I knew this is where I belong.”

Lady Saw (right) greets J Capri’s mother at the thanksgiving service for the life of the singjay on Monday. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

Lady Saw got emotional as she described what happened after she got home after the funeral.

Lady Saw and J Capri

“I did not want to see them put her in the grave so after the church service I came home. It’s like God was talking to me and saying something is wrong cause I am just cussing out my family then I realised that God was in my house and I started to preach and get into spirit. God started giving me the answers to the questions I was asking. Like when I said how am I going to do this? He told me ‘you have people’. He told me to apologise to my family because it was the stress that comes from being responsible for my family that caused me to cuss them out. He told me to form a strong family unit, find a church, become Evangelist Hall and get the family unit into the church. I have used part of my life to serve the devil — all those things on stage. The rest of my life belongs to Christ and I am ready to work,” she further revealed.

“It all was leading up to this moment. When I look back on the fact that I said I was gonna do a raw album. I started to write the lyrics, got the ‘riddims’ and all now I can’t go and voice those tracks. I keep saying to myself how you doing a gospel album and it’s like you are going back to that kind of thing…Well it’s a wrap… not going back.”


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