#NewMusicVideo Skinny Fabulous ft Rodney Small – This Island is Mine

23 Oct

Published on 23 Oct 2015

There is nobody more proud of their nationality than island people. No matter where they go abroad, island people are always quick to remind everyone around them where their navel string is buried. It is this fierce pride that created what can quite possibly be the universal national anthem for Caribbean people.

“This Island (Is Mine)” is Skinny Fabulous’ heartfelt confession and celebration of his immense love for his homeland, St. Vincent & the Grenadines. He is backed by Rodney Small, one of SVG’s top pan players, who soulfully belts out his own love on pan. The result is a ballad orchestrated so sweetly under the hands of producer, Kubiyashi, that it immediately inspires feelings of national pride in islanders and in foreigners, a longing to visit sandy shores.

Filmed and Edited by: Spark Arial Solutions & Boss Raw Films

Performed By: Skinny Fabulous feat. Rodney Small
Written By: Gamal Doyle
Produced By: Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell, Kamau George
Pan: Rodney Small
Additional Guitars: Zan George
Back Vocals: Shaunelle McKenzie, Gamal Doyle, Charles Villareal, Alex Barnwell, Voice (FBE), Alex Barnwell, Kevon Hart
Mixed and Mastered by: Keron “Scratch Master” Hector


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