Best Beaches in Anguilla #SurfUp

13 Oct

Visiting any Caribbean Island, the beaches are of course one of the main attractions. It is no wonder one may want to know the best beaches on any island they are travelling to. Here are five best beaches in Anguilla by the Caribbean Travel Magazine:

Shoal Bay East

Anguilla’s most famous beach, Shoal Bay East, has it all: a wide swath of creamy soft sand over a mile long; the island’s most extensive buffet of beach bars and restaurants; a comfortable collection of small beach resorts; and an offshore reef that attracts colorful tropical along with snorkelers, divers and glass-bottom boaters. It’s also the only beach that, during high season, draws enough barefoot traffic to keep it interesting for devoted people-watchers.

Savannah Bay 

Seeking some alone time with no other noise but the waves crashing at the shores? Then the Savannah Bay beach is perfect for you. Whether you are snorkeling, diving or simply enjoying a swim cool off at the Beach Bar available nearby.


Rendezvous  Bay

The Caribbean side’s endless beach, Rendezvous Bay, lays out a stunning 2 1/ 2 – mile arc of sand facing St. Martin. One of the world’s great walking strands – with Dune Preserve, the region’s most artistically eclectic beach bar, conveniently located at the midpoint – Rendezvous is also a superb swimming beach when the water is calm.

Mead’s Bay 

Mead’s Bay by itself would be enough to qualify any island as a top beach destination. But with Anguilla’s embarrassment of beaches, Mead’s soft golden sands are overshadowed by Rendezvous Bay and Shoal Bay East. That’s just fine for those who’d prefer to keep this mile-plus smile of sand the way it is: ideal for strolling, swimming and sunbathing, with generous stretches of empty beach between resorts.


Little Bay 

One of the Caribbean’s great “secret” beaches, Little Bay is more about the water and the cliffs than the few feet of tan sand washed into the curve of this fishhook-shaped section of coast. Wildlife here is more exuberant than at any other spot on Anguilla: Pelicans soar along cliffs prickly with turks head cactus, then peel off to dive-bomb schools of baitfish while goats look down from the rocky slopes. The snorkeling – from the east side cliff and monolith-like boulders all the way back along the coast to Crocus Bay – is as good as you’ll find without taking a boat to the offshore reefs.


Source: Caribbean Travel


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