T.G.I.Friday’s Caribbean Cocktail- The Calypso Cocktail

9 Oct

Featuring the Calypso Cocktail

Take yourself to a tropical inspired setting with this passion fruit infused Calypso Cocktail which is refreshing on the palette and will get your taste buds dancing (and maybe even your body!). Follow our recipe and enjoy the rhythm of the Calypso!


30ml Passoa
30ml Aperol
Dash of Passionfruit juice
I cup of crushed ice
1 cup of ice cubes
2 medium sized strawberries (1 cut into pieces)
3 medium size orange slices
1 passionfruit cut in half


Boston cocktail shaker
Cocktail fruit masher
Mini hurricane glass


1. Put the strawberry pieces and 2 orange slices into the shaker glass.
2. Crush down the fruit using a cocktail fruit masher (Or something you might have at home to help you squish it down.

3. Using a spoon, scoop out the polpa of one half of the passionfruit and add it to the mix.
4. Add 30ml Passoa, then 30ml Aperol.
5. Pour in a dash of passion fruit juice.

6. Add ice as desired (careful not to add too much).
7. Using the shaker, close it over the top of the glass and……SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!
8. Pour the contents into a mini hurricane glass.
9. Add 2-3 spoonful’s of crushed ice.

10. Drizzle a small amount of passion fruit polpa on top.

How to Serve:

Pierce a whole strawberry and a slice of orange through a toothpick and decorate your calypso cocktail by sitting this on top (a little to the side).
Add a straw and voila…you can serve.

Watch the recipe tutorial below:


Source:Vincenzo’s Plate


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