The Best Caribbean Hotels for Under $200 a Night

21 Sep

The word “affordable” means so many different things to so many different travelers. That’s why with our newest “Affordable Caribbean” list, we decided to start with a price point, making it as helpful as possible for readers. While prices can vary depending on the season, you can find a room at any of the hotels for under $200 a night at least during some parts of the year — and sometimes all year round. These are the Caribbean’s best hotels under $200 a night.


Rockhouse, Jamaica

This isn’t just a hotel with great rates, it’s one of the coolest, hippest and best boutique hotels in the whole Caribbean. And this 34-room hotel is all about Negril — the cliffs, the water, the vibe. And in low season, you can get a room for as little as $95 for a standard room and $180 in winter.


Billini Hotel – Dominican Republic

This is a hidden gem, tucked away on a side street in the Colonial Zone of the Dominican Republic. But inside a centuries-old building is a 24-room, high-design, art-focused boutique hotel, with a terrific bar and an even better restaurant.


Jakes — Jamaica

This is the original laid-back, bohemian Caribbean resort, set on still-undiscovered Treasure Beach on the south coast of Jamaica. There are rooms and places to stay for all kinds of travelers, with one unifying theme: the Caribbean hideaway. Rooms in low season can get as far as $95 per night.


Langley Fort Royal — Guadeloupe

This is as much about the hotel as the destination. This very comfortable hotel, which is a mix of 133 rooms and 7 suites in a high-rise tower and 82 standalone bungalows, is the perfect gateway to the lovely fishing village of Deshaies, just 10 minutes away by car.


Sorobon Beach Resort, Bonaire

This is castaway fantasy, with rooms right on the sand, a great little beach bar and access to a vast, turquoise sea called Lac Bay. And this rustic-chic beach resort even has a spa. All for rates as low as $105 a night.


Idle a While, Jamaica

This is a sophisticated, artsy hideaway on the west end of Negril. The cliffside outpost has seven villas and suites, making for an intimate Caribbean escape.


Nueva Vida de Ramiro, Mexico

Tulum is the Riviera Maya’s laid-back beach enclave, and the tiny Nueva Vida de Ramiro is the perfect place to experience it all, in the heart of a low-density collection of cottages. And it’s as low as $100 per night in low season.


CasaBlanca — Puerto Rico

San Juan is full of great little hotels, but this has a certain extra charm, with a wonderful tribute to the famous film that bears its name. And the best part is the location, smack in the middle of Old San Juan on Calle Fortaleza.


Anacaona Boutique Hotel, Anguilla

People think of Anguilla as a pricey destination – and rightly, because it is. But there are also some under-the-radar boutique properties on the same stretches of spectacular beach as their high-priced counterparts. One is Anacaona, set on Meads Bay, where rooms can go for as little as $170 most of the year. The goal is “affordable chic,” and they pull it off.


Mary’s Boon Beach Resort and Spa — St Maarten

This is St Maarten’s preeminent affordable hotel, located on beautiful Simpson Bay Beach. There are great views, it’s set in a great location and all of the things people like about SXM are in easy access. But it begins with views and the beach, worth far more than the price you pay.


Captain Morgan’s Retreat — Belize

This is a fun, adventurous property that’s a great way to experience all that Ambergris Caye has to offer, with an emphasis on an 1100-foot private beach. The best bet is one of the property’s beach cabanas, which can run for as little as $149 a night in low season.

Thank you for viewing the Best Caribbean Hotels for under $200 A Night!


Source: Carib Journal


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