Dominica Replacing World Creole Music Festival With Relief Concerts

17 Sep

Citing the devastation of Tropical Storm Erika, the Government of Dominica has cancelled its annual World Creole Music Festival.

The island’s private sector is organizing a series of relief concerts that will take place on the same dates, October 30-November 1, and will support Dominica’s rebuilding efforts by stimulating economic activity in the country.

Preliminary assessments estimate that recovery costs for Dominica have already topped $220 million.

“The government of Dominica must reprioritize following Tropical Storm Erika,” said Robert Tonge, Dominica’s Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal. “We must focus on rebuilding communities and infrastructure, and providing housing for those who were displaced. We are grateful to the private sector for stepping in to ensure that Dominica’s strong music heritage will continue and bring additional relief efforts to the Nature Island.”

The World Creole Music Festival is part of Dominica’s Independence celebrations, and usually plays a large role in spurring economic activity before the busy Christmas and Carnival seasons.

“For the past 18 years, World Creole Music Festival has celebrated Dominica’s strong musical roots,” said Colin Piper, director of tourism. “This year’s event will be different than the festival that we know, but it will provide an opportunity to use music as part of the healing process. It will truly capture the essence of Dominica and the strong will of Dominicans.”


Source: Carib Journal 


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