St.Vincent & the Grenadines’ National Bird: Amazona Guildingii

11 Aug

The National Bird of St. Vincent is the St. Vincent Parrot famously known as Amazona Guildingii.

The St Vincent Amazon is the only parrot inhabiting the island of St Vincent in the Caribbean . The plumage of this attractive species is highly variable, with virtually no two birds appearing alike .


However, two distinct colour morphs are clearly discernible: a ‘yellow-brown’ morph, and a ‘green’ morph. The more common yellow-brown morph has a creamy-white head, shading to yellow-orange on the hind-crown, with bluish patches behind the eyes. The upper-parts and breast are scaled bronze, becoming greenish lower down, while the wings are variably patterned with a kaleidoscope of orange, red, blue, yellow and black, and the tail is deep blue with an orange base and a yellow terminal band. Although the green morph is broadly similar in appearance, the upper-parts are predominately dusky-green and the head is bluish white.

There is no difference in plumage or size between the sexes, and the immatures are duller than the adult birds . This noisy parrot uses a variety of calls including yapping, honking, shrieking, bubbling and squawking.

Living in the oldest garden in the Western Hemisphere (and perhaps the oldest tropical in the world), you can visit the Amazona Guildingii at the historical Botanical Gardens.

Sources: Images by : Calvert Jones (McAllister Designs)
Details By : Arkive Org


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