10 Best Hotels in St.Vincent and the Grenadines!

7 Aug

Crystal clear waters, lush rainforests and thriving coral reefs are St Vincent and the Grenadines’ stock in trade, but after a day spent exploring “Vincy” and the idyllic archipelago of 31 other islands (which includes Bequia, Mustique, Canouan and Mayreau), there’s nothing we love more than to come back to a hotel that feels like home, only better. These are the best hotels in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Petit St Vincent

We’re not sure what heaven’s like but this 115-acre all-inclusive private island resort where 22 chic cottages are serviced by a fleet of butlers driving Mini Mokes built on the island has got to be pretty close.

Palm Island

It takes two planes, a golf cart and a boat to get here from Miami, but this 135-acre all-inclusive private island resort studded with 1,852 coconut palms and fringed with sugary beaches, is worth it.

Sugar Reef, Bequia

This boutique gem in Bequia has just eight rooms on a remarkable lot with a quarter-mile –long beach and a 65-acre coconut plantation. It’s quiet, tranquil and oozing with charm.

Firefly Plantation, Bequia

A working 30-acre tropical fruit estate (dating from the 18th-century) is now also a rustic-chic and unpretentious retreat that’s perfectly suited to those in search of pastoral pleasures on this seven-square-mile isle.

Bequia Beach Hotel

The newest hotel in Bequia, this is large by Bequia standards, with 57 units, all beautifully appointed in a playful Caribbean décor. It’s also home to a seriously good beach bar called the Bequia Beach Bar.

The Cotton House, Mustique

If you can’t stay at your wealthy friend’s plush Mustique villa, this 17-room boutique on the two-square-mile island made famous by Princess Margaret is the next best thing.

Young Island Resort

Only a five-minute boat ride from St Vincent, this private-island resort has 29 Old-Caribbean cottages (with outdoor showers) but our favorite feature is the Coconut Bar, a swim-up drinkery just offshore.

Tamarind Beach Hotel, Canouan

This outpost on Canouan is comprised of 40 beachfront units, including eight suites. It’s a calm, boutiquey place that will feel like your own private club.

Grenadine HouseSt Vincent

Sample a taste of the Old Caribbean at this 18th-century great house turned 18-room inn, which is located in a residential suburb near Kingstown and is particularly convenient for those doing business in the capital.

Blue Lagoon Hotel, St.Vincent

Sail-away on a yacht or have dinner at the sunset across the Caribbean sea; Blue Lagoon Hotel is the perfect place to be. Located near to the Canash beach,S.Vincent

Source:Carib Journal

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