KConeil seeks summer buzz

16 Jun


Summer is typically a time for rest and relaxation. Not so for many artistes. They use the time to scramble to find that hit song to appeal to those on holiday.

“During the summer, everybody is out partying, and having a great time. As an artiste, you would want to your song to be that track that everyone’s partying to… the one that gets the buzz,” said reggae-pop singer KConeil.

With this in mind, the Jamaica-born New York-based artiste has thrown his hat in the ring with Me One. Produced by TPC Music Group, the single was released earlier this month.

“Me One is a counteraction to Dexta Daps’s 7Eleven… a different perspective. It’s basically saying that my girl is my girl, not a next man’s. I’m not in the sharing business, so if I hear anything like other men’s name being associated with her, I’m gone,” said the 28-year-old to the Jamaica Observer.

An accompanying video has also been released.

KConeil said being based in the Big Apple does come with its challenges for any dancehall or reggae acts, but he’s undeterred.

“It’s easier for artistes in Jamaica to get airplay there. They’re attending the events, going to the parties, meeting the disc jocks and getting their music to them. But I’m still pushing. Once people hear the music and like it, they’ll request it,” he said.

KConeil was in Jamaica earlier this month promoting the single.

The reggae-pop artiste said he’s doing the rounds with a view to building his brand.

“I was on the Oracabessa Music Festival in New York in May as well as the Best of the Best in Miami. I’m not afraid to put in the hours,” he said.

He also performed on Caribbean Fashionweek’s (CFW) opening event at Villa Ronai in St Andrew, on June 6.

Born in Granville, St James, KConeil (given name KConeil Barron) attended Cornwall College in that parish. He also represented his school in the DaCosta Cup football competition.

After migrating, he attended Nyack College in New York where he earned a business degree.

“Music is always there… I never stopped singing. Music is my passion. I’ve been doing it now for seven years,” he said.

His other tracks include Gyal A You, Side FX of Love and Real Talk.


Source: Jamaica Observer


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