Reggae finds its groove in Cuba

1 Jun

Above: Pat Chin (left), co-founder of VP Records, at ‘Bob Marley Time Will Tell’ exhibition which took place at Casa De Las Americas in Cuba, recently.

With the end of the 55-year United States embargo against Cuba in sight, the land of Fidel Castro is once again romantic.

Many travel experts expect the entertainment and lifestyle scenes there to explode once the US normalises relations with the Communist country. That could be this year.

Jamaica is Cuba’s closest neighbour, so it seems inevitable will have a presence there. From May 18-22, the exhibition, ‘Bob Marley Time Will Tell’, took place at Casa De Las Americas, in Havana, Cuba’s capital.

On show were 36 Bob Marley posters, selected from the International Reggae Poster Contest of 2013 and 2014.

Viewers in two salons — Manuel Galich and Contemporianea — saw images of the reggae king done by artistes from a number of countries including Cuba, Sweden, Iran, Mexico, South Korea, the United States, Norway, Canada, Egypt and Croatia.

A Jamaican contingent was invited by officials of Casa de Las Americas to participate in their Coloquio Internacional La Diversidad Cultural en el Caribe, held annually by the Cuban government since 1959.

The Jamaican party included Pat Chin, co-founder of VP Records, Richard Lue, that company’s director of business development, Michael Thompson, co-founder of the International Reggae Poster Contest and University of the West Indies lecturer, professor Carolyn Cooper.

Source: Jamaica Observer


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