Musical Treasure by Jamaican Reggae Artiste, Natel “Have You” Song Review

24 Feb

Musical Treasure by Jamaican Reggae Artiste, Natel | "Have You" Song Review

Ladies, be careful! Natel is coming to steal your heart with his latest hit on the Wow Riddim, “ Wow Riddim.” Natel, the son of legendary guitarist Correl Hewitt, may be a newer name in dancehall but he is no stranger to music. His smooth melodies and naturally sweet tones are an unmatched listening experience. Since his emergence as a Reggae artist, he has taken the music industry by storm and his single on the Biggy Music production is no different.

“Have You” stood out to me because it was not only pleasant and easy to listen to, but it gave that warm and fuzzy feeling I’m sure you can relate to when thinking about that special person that makes you smile. Do you remember your first crush or first love? Do you remember how blissful that was? This song took me to that place; it was refreshing to hear a tune that made me love the idea of being in love.

Natel added his own unique style to the rhythm giving it a laid back, chill vibe. It has a sound similar to that of 90’s R&B, comparable to the early work of Usher and Tyrese, mixed with the heavy bass and snare that I love to hear in reggae music. Natel’s harmonies throughout the song are simply soothing, as he explains how well he would like to get to know the woman of his dreams.

It is important to note how he gently asks to know, love, and respect his perfect lady. Natel makes it clear that he is looking for the love of his life. At the climax of the song Natel raps a short verse to formally introduce himself and explain that he is definitely the man for that special woman. By the end of the song he will have you saying, “YES” to everything he said through his lyrics.

In my opinion, this is definitely a tune for the lovers; no matter if you are in a budding new relationship or are simply being reminded why you fell in love to begin with.


Source: CoCo Magazine

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