Sting Promoter Disappointed With Violence.

30 Dec

Isaiah Laing, promoter of Sting, says he is disappointed at the violence that transpired at the Boxing Day show. He adds that his team will be looking at ways to prevent a recurrence.

“Right now, we are in a meeting and are analysing the event. We have to find a way to resolve these things,” he told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

The show — held at the JamWorld Entertainment Complex in Portmore — came to a premature end early Saturday due to altercations between artistes. Several people were injured.

Yesterday, dancehall acts Kiprich and Masicka, who were allegedly at the centre of the fracas, issued statements.

“I am disappointed that it has come to this, but things got a bit overheated onstage and the clash was not resolved. So I guess the fans were a bit too over-enthusiastic, but we are urging everybody to just cool down,” Kiprich’s statement read in part.

Kiprich and his rival, Blak Ryno, were sheduled for a lyrical showdown. Both artistes began hurling insults at each other when the police decided to pull the plug on Sting which has a reputation for artistes’ clashes.

An off-stage incident later resulted in a member of Kiprich’s entourage being injured.

“I am urging my fans not to retaliate in any manner, because this is now a police matter. One man has already been detained in connection with the incident, so we shall leave the law to run its course,” read another part of Kiprich’s release.

Masicka’s tone was similar.

“I really want to apologise to the fans, especially anyone who got injured, because this is my first big moment at Sting, and it shouldn’t have ended up like that,” read part of his statement.

According to eyewitnesses, an altercation began backstage between members of deejays Demarco and Masika’s entourage sending dozens of patrons running for cover as both sides hurled bottles at each other.

Explosions, sounding like gunshots, were also heard. It is unclear if they were in fact gunshots.

Masicka was escorted out of the venue by police to prevent further hostilities.


Source: Hot 97 SVG

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