Montserrat firm launches Emerald Vibes TV Online

22 Dec


The first edition of Emerald Vibes Television produced by Montserrat firm Goldenmedia went live online on Monday, December 15, 2014, on YouTube.

EVTV is hosted by multi-talented artist Sharlene Lindsay, who connects with local personalities and shares highlights of special events on Montserrat.

The first episode called What’s in a Word takes viewers to the Alliouagana Festival of the Word — Montserrat’s annual literary event that featured authors from across the Caribbean and North America. Sharlene interviews Ibrahim Ahmad from Akashic Books, New York, who talks about his company’s search to find the next great Caribbean author.

The 14-minute show includes interviews with Montserrat’s literary giant Sir Howard Fergus and new author Jason Reynolds, who recently signed a ten-book deal with Simon & Schuster.

“Emerald Vibes has been an idea the production team and I have been discussing for a while and we felt a look at Montserrat’s hectic November to January festival season was a good time to kick off the show,” explained executive producer and the show’s director Nerissa Golden. “Montserrat is a visually stunning place and we wanted to capture it for our viewers and also as the island continues its reemergence we want to tell the stories of this journey.”


Source: Caribbean News Now

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